October and November events!

It going to be busy few months!

7th Thursday In Person Herdsman
14th Thursday Online
15th Friday In person- Charity Disney at the core
16-17th Saturday In person Charity Gameathon (Gloucester)**
17th Sunday In Person Geek Retreat
24th Sunday Online

4th Thursday In Person Herdsman
13th Thursday Online
20-21th Saturday to Sunday In person Charity Gameathon (Gloucester)
21th Sunday In Person Geek Retreat
28th Sunday Online

We are looking at running a few charity events. We have grants to hire accessible venues so we run them for for FREE!
December Xmas party
Two events across
Jan – Feb – March

I’d love some suggestions for dates!

Longer term
May 13-15th
July Birthday Party.

We are also hopeing to organise a making day at Make CIC too