November and December Events

November Gaming
Thursday 3rd 18:30 Herdsman
Thursday 10th 19:00 Online
Saturday 12th 12:00 Welsh Club (12 hour charity event)
Sunday 20th 15:00
Herdsman Sunday 27th 18:00 Online

December Gaming
Thursday 1st 18:30 Herdsman
Thursday 7th 19:00 Online
Friday 9th 19:00 Core LGBTQIA games night and social
Sunday 18th 15:00 Herdsman
Sunday 25th 18:00 Online (to be reviewed)

November Other
Guided Mediation
Monday 7th 19:30 Online
Monday 21st 19:30 Online

Video games
(Worms) Thursday 17th

Please help share our events! Especially our extra events like all dayers and LGBTQIA