New branding- soft launch Here for Games!

We do a lot, so there is a lot going on. in person, online, rpgs and the Library. We know some folks are only interested in one aspect of what we do so we’ve launched a new website to help people find what they are looking for!!

Herefordshire Board Gamers – Gaming and Fundraising Community. More than just a games night!

Why a new / fourth website?

It’s broken down what we do into 6 areas to allow you find the correct area quickly and to also highlight what we thing is important!

The areas are.
1) Regular Free events
2) Free community Library
3) Knowledge sharing
4) Community
5) Here for games con
6) Charity and giving back.

These should cover our aims perfectly, these are shared again because its important to make sure people know what’s important to us. To set expectations and show we are friendly and inclusive.

We’d love any feedback and reviews and testimonials to help prove what we do and help new people gain the confidence or be inspired to attend.

What is Here for Games Con?

Here for game con will be the new branding for the Megamay charity event. Hopefully it is a bit catchier and easier to remember.
New website on the way to replace last years.

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