Needs Survey

Needs survey version 2022 V0.1

About you

This survey is to help us better understand your needs, get feedback and evaluate the benefits of what we do. We also hope it will enable us to access more funding to help serve you better. 

Taking part in the survey is entirely voluntary and your answers will be anonymous and confidential.  All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

You may skip any questions you do not want to answer.

Thank you in advance Adam and the Herefordshire Board Gamers Committee.

Section 1 Your background

Section 2. How are we doing?

This section will help us review how well we are delivering against our aims.

Aim 1: Community

To build and support our community, providing a welcome, inclusive space for everyone to play or run games and socialise wether in person or online.

To challenge loneliness and isolation and support the mental well being of our members.

Aim 2: Inclusion and accessibility:

To provide and support gaming and socialisation for everyone by making our events and communities as inclusive and accessible as possible.

To recognise that our members are unique, and our community is built on a foundation of support and respect.

Aim 3: Education and support:

To share the wonderful hobby of gaming and all of its mental, physical and social benefits.

To provide the games, tools, guides and support to inform, inspire and enable people to run their own inclusive events.

To challenge misconceptions and stereotypes.

Aim 4: Charity and giving back:

To give back by raising money for our chosen charity.

To support gamers and the community by providing opportunities for members to assist in giving back.

Section 3. Board games, well-being and community

This section is based on the World Health Organisation Well-Being Index 1998. It will help us evaluate the social benefits of gaming events.

Section 4. About you

This section will help us understand the diversity of our community and allow us to better support your needs.

The important stuff

We will always respect your privacy and never sell your information to any third party, but we would like permission to process and use it.

Case studies and detailed testimonials

If you would like to speak with us further or offer to share your story with us in the form of a testimonial or case study please contact us or leave your email below

Thank you again