Needs Survey

About you

This survey is to help us understand our members better and also help prove a need and benefit of what we do. This may enable us to access more grants to help serve you better. 

Data is anonymous but due to a potentially small data size you may be identifiable. None of the questions are required and we have included prefer not to answer as well.

Data will not be sold or released to third parties without your permission.

The use cases for this data
1) Improving what we do
2) Capturing stories to create testimonials to help promote what we do
3) Proving we have a need and benefit to the community to help  with grant request (Demographic data is important for this)
4) Capturing stories to to prove what we do for grant requests 

How are you doing?

This section will review how you are doing and the benefits of community

The first part is based on the World Health Organisation Well-being Index 1998

The scoring per question is.
All of the time 5
Most of the time 4
More than half of the time 3
Less than half of the time 2
Some of the time 1
None one of the time 0

When you have answered the 5 questions please score yourself have any 0 or 1s or your total is less then 13 please seek professional advice if you aren't already. 
This section is NOT professional diagnosis 

How does communities help mental well being?

How are we doing?

This section will review how we well are delivering against our aims.

Aim 1: Community

Building and supporting our community, providing a welcome, inclusive place for everyone to, play games, arrange games and socialise inperson and online.
Challenge loneliness, isolation and support the mental well being of our members

Aim 2: Inclusion and accessibility

Gaming and socialisation for everyone, making our events and communities as inclusive and accessible as possible. This includes running a variety of events at a range of venues including online.
We recognise our members are unique, and our community is built on a foundation of support and respect


Aim 3: Education and support:

Share the wonderful hobby of gaming with all of its mental well being, health and social benefits.
Provide the games, tools, guides and support to inform, inspire and enable people to run their own events.
Challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes.

Aim 4: Charity and giving back:

Give back by raising money for our chosen charity.
Support gamers and the community and provide opportunities for members to assist in giving back.

The important stuff

This information is incredibly valuable to us. How can we use it?  

We will always respect your privacy and never sell your information, but we'd like permission to process it.