Mental Health – Time to talk

Mental Health – Time to talk

Content warning: Suicide and mental health.

We need to talk about mental health, looking after ourselves and each other!

Suicide is a huge problem especially in Men, and is the fourth leading cause of death in 15-29 year olds.

Please take a moment to read our guide, it can and has saved lives.

Please read the guide. Then check in with your friends / family if you have space or take time for yourself (guilt free) if you don’t.

It’s not all about suicide its about living well too, but I thought I’d start with the big news- we’ll never do a click bait title though.

The value of community, belonging is so important for mental well being which is why we work so hard to make our events from advert to game day as inclusive and friendly as possible and why we are so passionate about sharing our knowledge.

Keep being awesome, keep being kind to yourself and others.

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