Mental Health Musings

Mental Health Musings

I’ve just finished a mental health webinar and need to put my thoughts down and share a new tool I was shown. I plan to incorporate this into our mental health guide. A note as ever I/ we are not trained professionals in any way and these are my initial thoughts after quick review of a number of websites and guides. (5 of us are mental health at work first aiders)

I have a lot more reading and digesting to do but wanted to share my feelings and thoughts on it to see how we can use this to better support each other.

If I end up changing my mind on these things, I’ll share that. So here goes my very initial thoughts (30 minutes).

The feelings / emotional circle

Firstly Emotions are normally, do your best to accept and understand them!

Take a moment to just think about how you are feeling, do you understand why?
Take as long as you need be patient with yourself.

Use the Feelings / emotion wheel starting from the inside and leading outwards.

Why am I angry? Is it frustration?

If that doesn’t’ work start with the outside of the wheel or track around perhaps you are really disgusted. Don’t hunt for the word but see what ‘feels’ right.

Once you’ve gained better understanding of the emotion, and what has caused it you may be better placed to manage it or the causes.

Other options.

Take a note of you feel, journal and compare to how you felt previously what are the reasons? How did you cope or handle the situation.

Hopefully better understanding of emotions leads to better communications and coping strategies.

Further reading:

The Feelings Wheel: A Genius Chart for Better Communication (

The Emotion Wheel [Images + How to Use It] – Practical Psychology (

There is an alternate wheel I haven’t had time to digest yet.

Emotion Wheel: What it is and How to Use it to Get to Know Yourself (

The particular webinar was about Men’s mental health and the statistics around it are terrifying, it’s why we try and provide a supportive community, normalize asking for help and talking about emotions and issues.

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We do our very best but equally we are not professionals there is a list of further help at the end of mental health guide

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