Mega May 2022 now a 3 day event

Exciting news! Our 8th annual Mega may charity day will be a three day event!

13th to 15th May 2022

Open gaming on to warm up and cool down on the Friday and Sunday with the Saturday being the main event with Raffles, auctions, giant games and more!The exact times are under review and the third day is at a different venue!
We’ve lots to organise but mark your calendars, your filofaxes and your Eyephones.

Hopefully running a three day event will allow many of our conventions friends to make the journey to play with us.

Lots to organise, lots of factors to consider external and internal. Let me know if you want to help. We are going to need volunteers on the day and to help us prep / close down.

We’d love a few shops and stalls potentially too. Lot of prizes to raffle / auction too!

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