May 13-15th Prize pool nearly £4000

Our prize pool is very nearly worth £4000! Thanks to the generosity of so many amazing companies and individuals.
101 Games (Mostly Brand new!)
5 Game expansion.
Candles, Vouchers, Dice and more.Some games with postage.

Mythopia signed by Martin Wallace and Muffin Time signed by Thomas ‘tomska’ Ridgewell.

Some amazing bundles where one ticket will win around £300 of stuff!We’ve a fair bit to add, more board games in the post and a pile of digital stuff including RPGs and I’ve a few publishers to contact as well. I can see us exceeding £4000! Our prior raffles were £2750 (2021) and £2000 (2019)Some of the raffles will be online and we are looking at auction for two signed games as well! Planning to launch next week!We may keep adjusting the prize combinations as prizes arrive upto release.

We love more prizes and also sponsorship ‘financially’ to cover the cost of the raffle, so every penny can go to mind. (I’ll cover the costs otherwise) Any business want to sponsor this amazing raffle?

Sponsors are all listed here! 

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