Life size games, say hello to Hey thats my fish 1.5

We make Life size games to raise money for charity and awareness of this wonderful hobby! Ask me anything! We are currently remaking Hey thats my Fish.Is anyone interested in us sharing a more details how to guide? and our lessons learned?

We have a few notes on our website but I can write more if there is interest.

2017 Tsuro (Wedding First dance- didn’t use it) (Made for £40)
2017 Stag do – dreamed up Terror in Meeple City (Or rampage as it was known then)
2018 Terror in Meeple city (Made for £40)2019 Made Hey thats my fish (Made for around £50)
2019 Auctioned Tsuro 1.0 for charity
2020 Remade Tsuro 2.0 (Made for around £100? lots of varnish)
2021 Didn’t leave the house 🙂
2022 Remade Hey thats my FIsh 1.5 (Kept the tiles around £30 on paint)
2022 Hey thats my Fish custom penguins
2023 – We’d love to make Deep Sea adventure

A few thoughts:
1) Carpet tiles are indestructible but Tsuro weighted 6.5 stone.
2) PVA glue with poster paints comes off way too easily.
3) Lino is definitely the choice, just don’t flex it to much.
4) It was fun making the first iterations for under £40 each but it’s a lot nicer spending the money on wooden stencils and proper paint
5) Hitting stuff with stuff, breaks one or both of the things (Rampage!)

Any questions?
If you want to borrow them for a convention let me know 🙂2022 should be AireCon, UK Games Expo A Gamers Gaming Getaway (AGGG) the 24 hour board game marathon and maybe KCON.

These are made to raise awareness of gaming and our charity / community work.

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