1. The library is a community service, please treat it with respect.
  2. Herefordshire Board Gamers owns and operates the library.
  3. Some library games are donated into the library on a temporary basis
  4. Any damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear will result in a bill to replace or repair the game. When returning a game please let us know of any issues.
  5. A security deposit is required to secure a booking from the library and will be returned in full once games are returned and inspected
  6. Games are quarantined for a minimum of 3 days before handling. This ensures they are clean but will delay inspections and security deposit returns. (COVID-19 temporarily rule)
  7. The limit of number of games you can borrow / and for how long is not predefined and can be agreed
  8. We have the right to request games back early
  9. During large charity events we may withdrawn library items to serve as a public games library during the event. This may include items being withdrawn a few weeks before
  10. Your information will be held for managing the library but will not be used for any other purpose.
  11. Once you no longer have library stock you may request for your information to be removed from our systems
  12. Information and images are from publishers websites apart from Key facts where are generated from Board Game Geek.
  13. All information is based on best guess and correct and time of publication