Risk: Balance of Power

Risk: Balance of Power

Risk Balance of Power is a two-player version of Risk on a map covering a large part of Europe (Iberia and the Balkans do not partake). The map is divided into 6 regions consisting of 30 territories. Some of the territories contain rough terrain and are harder to attack.

There are 4 different basic starting setups for the 2 players. All of them include a neutral player. To win, a player must keep his capital and achieve 3 goals. All goals are public. For each setup a different combination of 8 of the available 12 goals is used.

In the Command Centre version, one player sets up both sides and the neutrals then the other choses which one to play and who starts. Each side is able to add support to the neutral player, and your defeated armies can be used to gain special bonuses. One of the bonuses even allows you to attack with (some) neutral armies.

Armies are still raised based on the number of territories and any regions you own, but also on the number of cities. As in standard risk, area cards are still gained upon conquering a territory, and can still be used to raise additional armies. The army units are in the shape of small (flat) arrows.

Manufacturer’s description (translated from the Dutch edition):
RISK for 2 players. Battle man-to-man in this strategic battle of epic proportions. In this exciting strategy game everything revolves around the conquest and domination of Europe. For 12 years and up.

Two distinct ways to play the game:
Base training – an introductory game which you can play within a few minutes.
Command centre – a fast and exciting strategy game in which everything revolves around conquest and domination.