Bid. Build. Battle.

Orc Warlords buying Orc Slaves at Orction to then fight to the death in Gladiatorial Combat.
Uses a variety of classic auction techniques and a blend of worker placement strategy to build a gladiator school of Orcs.

Culminates in combat via a dice system of d4 and d6 based on Orc and Gladiator equipment gained.
Players bid on Orc Lots from a deck of 84 individual Orcs in 7 categories to build sets. Orctions occur when a player decides to visit the city of Ve’Tath during the worker placement rounds. Orctions are in 6 different styles. Once one player has the designated number of sets they win stage one of the game and then decide which pairs of other players must fight in the dice combat game in the arena until there is only one Orc left alive. The player who has this Orc is the winner of the entire game

Nominated for UK Game Expo 2015 Strategy Card or Dice Game of the Year.