There are guides and a glossary on the main website

To see what is in stock you use either the tag ‘available to borrow‘ or the category in stock‘ as a filter or search using those words in the search box. Note: the terms borrow, available and loan are used exclusively in each of their own areas so can be used as search criteria.

All the games on this website have categories for example number of players or theme, You can click on a single category to show all games which share the characteristic. You can also use the search box enter the exact spelling of one or more categories and the results should show all of those games. For example “3 player fantasy”


Categories and tags for a game. Top line is categories and the bottom line is tags (Standard WordPress features)

The Important tags are:
In Stock and available to borrow means the game is likely available to be borrowed, the process is not automatic so we may have an email waiting to be processed.
On Loan means it is hopefully being played with by someone somewhere!
Reserved means it has been requests and when it comes back in it will likely go straight back out on loan.
More than one copy the library contains two or more copies, this means a game can be on loan and available to borrow

Other tags:
Not English Language: A great game but not in english, english rules will attached
Lunch Break: A short game ideal for 30 mines
Giant Game: One of our home made huge games
Event Library: We take most of these games to all of our events, so you can research, learn the rules and get familar.
by ? Games donated by wonderful publishers, these show a mix of what has been donated and what else they have made
Vintage Class games (before 1990)
Welcome Games Simple to learn quick to play amazing games,

Complexity for us is to do with how long it takes to teach a game, rather than it’s strategic depth. For example Very light games can be taught in under 1 minute, to children or tipsy adults.
Light games can be taught in under 5 minutes
Medium games may take longer 5 to teach and rules may need to be checked during the game.
Heavy games the only ones we have in the library currently are RPGs and will require preparation by the Story Teller. If you want to know more about RPGs join some as a player first.
Please note your first game of any game is likely to take longer and the above is based on the teacher knowing the game.

We are happy to help recommend games too, just let us know a little about your players and we’ll find something suitable. There are a lot of games in the library so please ask if stuck.