Games are wonderful and we love sharing them, but not all games are equally accessible. We are work thought our library and tagging games to help you make informed decisions. This is an ongoing project and we’d love any help or input.

Colour Blind Issues
Colours form a large part of this game or where colours are used there is no secondary marking system.

Lots of Text
This game contains large amount of text to read.

Minimal / No Text
This game contains minimal or no text so may be suitable for those with language issues for example, dyslexia or where English is a second language.

Visual Impairment: Full Support
This game can be played or are designed to be played without sight.

Visual Impairment: Partial Support
This game can be played with some support, for example a narrator, often doesn’t contain a lot of information, or board state to remember.

Current status 21/06/23