Welcome to the home of Herefordshire Board Gamers free lending library. Herefordshire Board Gamers is a gaming and fundraising community which supports gaming and gamers in Hereford and Herefordshire. We fund raise for Herefordshire Mind and also do our best to provide a welcome inclusive community, free social events, guides and articles to allow new players to find the wonderful hobby of gaming.

September 2022 (500 items!)
May 2021

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This library is only possible thanks to donations. It is a volunteer run community initiative to provide free social events as well as letting people cheaply discovery a new hobby.

The problem was we all work full time and wanted to run more events but couldn’t. Gaming is a great cheap past time and also some what niche, once you look deeper there are a lot of games out there! Check out Boardgamegeek for example. It can be daunting know what to buy, affording to buy new games and also working out what kind of games suit you. Games vary from 5 minutes to 10 hours, from friendly to aggressive.

A free lending library was the answer we started bringing it together in November 2019 collecting games from personal collections. In March 2020 we had 33 titles, May 70, July 111 and Feb 2021 186. September 2020 500.
A library allows people to run their own social events, to try before they buy, to experiment with different genres or styles of games.

We ask for a small security deposit as the games range normally £20 . Loaning will always be free like our events (or atleast as long as we are able) but you are welcome to donate to the club costs or to charity. The library is aimed at individuals and not for profit communities. If you are a corporate entity or want to borrow the games for larger events for example a wedding, we are happy to help may required payment or donations.

July 2020 this website has been created to help make finding the games easier. It would have been done a few months ago but we’ve busy running many extra events during the pandemic lockdown to keep our community happy and safe. Our library has been loaned all around the county and into many homes the last few months and we hope have provided many hours of entertainment.

Pick up / drop off is usually from our events but we may be able arrange drop off if you are local. The library is open to public visits unfortunately.

Our board game geek collection which contains the same data but less pretty is here https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/Herefordbgamers
This is a third party website where you can view Board Game Geek collections https://gameshelf.github.io/?userId=herefordbgamers&ownedgames (Should the link not work the user names is Herefordbgamers.)