Library update and revamp!

Shelfie time! Before and after our team day to revamp the free community lending library.

Yup not my collection over 230 games we lend out for free. The library may be in top 7 game collections in the county.Lots of hard work done this weekend and more to do.

Thanks to everyone who has donated games (most of the library is donations) and keep borrowing the games.

The team this weekend, audited the games adding 30 or so to the database, redecorated the games library including new shelves, lights and blinds. Repainted and repaired the walls, ceilings and floors. No cost to the club as labour and materials donated, gifted or repurposed. (The billy were now spare thanks to new book shelves)

Loads of amazing items in stock so do borrow them!

Redecorated games library. Event equipment to be stored.

The space before.

A to Z of the main games, Lots lent out right now.
Children’s sections. Most are out right now.
Role Play games!
Jigsaw puzzles

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