Library at 117 titles. The Full A to Z of modern board games

In march we had 33 games in our library, thanks to very kind donations and hard work we now have 117 games. This covers the full A to Z of modern games and 99% of them are less than 20 years old with 50% of them less than 6 years.

The library is here
there is still much development needed.

If you have borrowed any games we’d love a review of the game, a quote or a sound bite or a review on our facebook page. If you do end up buying a game please let us know I want to be able to demonstrate value to our sponsors.

A chunk of the library comes from Welsh Water Grants.
A chunk from donations from Asmosdee, Big Potato Games, Stuff by Bez and Bed Sit games.
A huge chunk of the games comes from personal donations, really good games people have chosen to donate to us rather than sell.

We are truly honoured and will do our best to make sure your games get lots of love and play.

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Two thirds of the library!

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