Interview with a gamer no4: Emma

Please introduce yourself


 How many games do you own?

Less than I would like but what I do have are the BEST

How many of your games have you not played?

Just the one- Simon’s Cat: I was gripped by bring and buy mania at EXPO and saw it has a cat on it so I HAD to have it.

What is your oldest game?

Robo Rally. It is the most fun and it has cute robots and there is much chaos. Could literally play it all day (and have on many occasions).

 Best gaming experience?

I have so many J. Back in the day I used to really enjoy Tring Con because as much as the full on walk around and shop and look at everything madness that is EXPO was fun, Tring con was a whole day of gaming which is even better and even though it was with mostly strangers (aarghh strangers!!) it did mean I got to play games I’d never seen before- and it was my first time at a con J AND where I bought Robo Rally (first game I owned bar Carcassonne) and where I first played Arabian Nights…but saying that…! Still think I preferred our most recent game day. Because reasons J.

 Favourite colour to play?

I don’t have one.

 Favourite person / people to play with?

I enjoy playing with everyone at HB J unless they draw p*****s because that is bad and not funny at all.

 What game advice do you have for a new gamer?

When you buy a new game always Youtube learn it first and the Dice Tower people are hilarious you should watch those ones.

 What type / themes / styles of games do you like to play?

 I loooooooooove story games but there aren’t many of them and not many people I know share my enthusiasm for them. Aside from that I am a big fan of social games and games with cute themes, but I will play literally anything well made and will try anything once (even if it involves the mafia). I would rather not play war games or CCGs (totally overdid MtG) but they can be fun too if they are good ones and with the right people.

 How competitive are you and how often do you win?

Shhhhh no…I am not competitive AT ALL………………….”shame”. I try not to let my competitive side come out because it’s more important to have fun than to be in the lead but sometimes I can’t help it and I am sorry if I get carried awayJ. How often do I win? I don’t know…enough but not too much? I’ll go with that.