Inperson games! Thursdays and Covid-19 rules

Our first inperson official event for forever is this Thursday 18:30 at the Herdsman,

Covid-19 HB Regulations. August 2021

Please wear a mask if you are able. It is for everyone else’s comfort and safety.

Please try not to mingle and stay with your ‘gaming group’.Once seated if everyone at the table is comfortable with it then you can remove your masks if you wish. If not no offense or judgement will be tolerated and we can help you find a new group.

If you feel unwell please don’t attend. Like wise if you become unwell shortly after the event let us know.

We will bring games which reduce the amount of component sharing and card passing and layout the room with plenty of space.The rules are not up for debate,

This is beyond the required measures but it is about respecting others. It is a stressful enough time without worrying about the whys and politics of it all. Keep being kind to each otherLets get some in-person gaming on. We are planning month by month right now and will revise rules and venues as we go.

Other venues we use may have additional rules.

We’ll have a greeter to welcome you, a games library and friendly teachers so it will still be as relaxed and fun event as ever.

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