Holiday cover

Holiday cover

We are adding four extra online events and general support over the holiday period! We know the holidays can be hard so we are here for you.

23rd Casual Walk 11am to 1pm

24th Board games online from 6pm to 10pm

25th Board games online 9am to 11am

26th Board games online 9pm to 11pm (We are hoping for an early start)

27th RPG chat 7pm to 9pm , character generation, city generation

28th Board games online, 7pm to 10pm.

A number of us are Mental health First Aiders but we are not professionals. Please be kind to yourself and each other, you can’t see the struggles folks have and likewise you can’t trust the glossy social media image that appear even more at this time of year.

Seek professional help if needed.

Our mental health guide.

This is a big ask for our volunteers so times may change. we may also have a few people hanging around online in a general cover format so if you see folks in a voice channel jump on and say hi and have a chat.

If you want to run anything please let me know.

We have two amazing books donated by @RollAndPlayPress so I plan to roll some things from them as part of RPG chat