Here for games con numbers and finances

Here for Games Con in numbers: Initial / draft figures.

Over 400 unique guests with a footfall of over 600. That’s double last year. 210 online
29 volunteers


Fundraising over £3,910 for Herefordshire Mind and £75 for RNIB. (£2,975 last year)
Both raffles raised around £1190 / £1340 and the rest is likely donations and bring and buy fees.

If anyone has fund matching or similar through their work please let me know for this year or next 🙂 Likewise any sponsorship to help keep out costs down. Like wise volunteer days, we’d love help on the Friday / Monday.

Note the event is not primarily about fund raising, it’s about giving guests local and away a jolly good time. About giving back to our community. The fund raising is a bonus, which also helps us leverage more support, demonstrate capability and serves as an advertising draw, “Look a £6,000 of raffles prizes!!!”

Total Event costs: £551.60
Event income: £523
Overall -£28.60 (To come from community funds)

Event costs: £551.6
£165.60 accessibile toilet
£120 Facebook boosted posts
£134 Raffal fees (10% commission)
£20 Paper / stickers
£115 Volunteer food and drinks (plus some donated by team) (28 volunteers, we had no funding so I am covering it, I aim to do better on this next year)

We invested in (Not counted above)
£88 Welcome sign
£180 printed signs, and player wanted signs
£55 A3 signs holders

Event income: £274
The Hexy Beast Bring and buy sales £201
Sales commission for ‘bulk collections’ we are selling £29
Bring and buy sales £28
HB Merch £16

Event Income donations: £249
Member £130 (Raffal Costs)
Leadership team (me) £119 (Food and Rest of Raffal costs)

Event things which didn’t cost us money (Will confirm furniture numbers)
Venue! The Core
Vans x 2
150 chairs and 30 tables (Herefordshire Council)
25 tables (River Carnival)
We also have 51 chairs and 10 Tables donated by (Herefordshire Council)
Petrol for moving equipment (Covered by Individuals)
Volunteer travel costs (including London x 1, Devon x 2) (Covered by Individuals) (it is unlikely we will ever have funding to cover this)
Away volunteer accommodation costs. (We will likely never have funding to cover this)
150 pages of A4 printing (Half we can reuse next year)

Also worth noting there was a lot of favour trading,
I traded two rolls of 3d printer fillament for the 3d Printed Player wanted signs. (I got an amazing deal, as Adam Tatton-Reid designed, built and cleaned them)

We expected to empty our club funds to put this event on, it’s worth every penny to bring joy to 400 people, to share our amazing hobby, to help people find us. We were incredibly lucky to be gifted a huge load of games to sell (£1,500 rrp) and add to the library.

We chose this time to cover event costs so we almost broke even, based on 2 generous donations one from a member who couldn’t attend and from me wanting to treat our volunteers well but not having secured funding to pay for drinks and snacks.