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Here For Games Con- Information / Admin Post More detailed information on our website

Facebook event:

NEW this year. Costume Contest!

Change: More outside space used on Saturday which makes some events weather dependant.

Change: Hereford Happening / Foly Festival, We are sharing the site with River Carnival so there will be an range of extra events happening include Yoga, Ceramics and more

Change: Second Venue: Blood on the Clock Tower is happening offsite – a short walk away

Not happening this year. Terror in Meeple City.

Highlights! bring and buy. Blood on the Clocktower, RPGs, Lifesize games, Giant Games, Family zone.

I cannot stress enough how amazing all of the support we’ve had, this is months of hard work to bring the convention together and it’s a team effort.



The event is free, but please donate / buy raffle tickets if you are able. All events are free with the exception of the painting zone where you buy ‘nicer models to paint, the smaller models are either a mix of donations or we’ve paid for the resin and local printers have printed.


The painting area is back on! for Saturday only.

Painting Contest

There will be a wiener painting cost on the saturday and you can buy a wiener to take away and paint by our birthday party!

Bring and buy

Huge bring and buy, we will be accept cash / card / Paypall, Cash perferred, 10% to mind and this year we will be administrating your sales so you can focus on gaming.


We have 5 traders and our game shop, please say hello to them, it’s ok to chat without buying they are gamers too!


We a huge range of games, most you can just jump onto but we you can pre advertise or sign up to games in advance if you want to plan

NEW EVENT Costume contest

2pm Sunday bring a costume or cosplay and show it off! No prize this year but we will have fancy certificates to say how awesome you are.


We have a range of RPGs on offer and would love any more pleae get in touch

Heavy Corner

If you like your games a bit longer and sometimes a bit more complex we have a dedicated team there to teach 18xx and Splotter games. Check out the weekend Planner


We will have around £4,500 of prizes to be won in person a mix of a single raffle where you pick you prizes to bundle where one ticket wins everything. Every penny to Mind.

Play to win.

5 games and dice can be won without spending a penny, just play the game!

Online raffles:

£2,000 worth of amazing games to be won online please share.


The venue is flat and we have access to an accessible (but not changing places toilet) for ‘MOST’ of the event. We have two dedicated accessible table both of which can be raised up.


New to the area we’ll pop a tourism guide on the website if you want to make a trip of you visit.


Parking onsite is very limited we will have 2 disabled spaces and an unloading space. There is some free onstreet parking.

On Sunday we are hoping for a free zipper bus for town. Looking out for the walking routes too.

Mental health support.

We’ll have 2 to 4 mental health first aiders on duty and there is a quite room as well outdoor spaces.


No outside food unless you have a specific dietry requirement, if you have any requests or issues please get in touch. The Core provide the venue for free cancelling other paid for events so we need to make sure they money! They are a wonderful CIC


The hugest thanks! You are all amazing every year we are blown away by the support local, national and international. Please do check out the sponsor list and see what they sell, If you are buying games maybe check out our sponsors first.


We have a huge volunteer team, a higher ratio to guests than most every other con, show them some love and maybe join the team!

Feedback and questions:

Please get in touch we try really hard to provide an amazing event which something for everyone, but it’s free, if we had an unlimited budget we’d do a few things different. We need your help.

I will update this thread as I think of more important things.