Guide on running games days

Guide on running games days

I’ve just published a guide. On running games clubs. Without bragging what we do here is exceptional, for a small relatively poor rural county we punch way above our weight.

We are inclusive, we raise money for charity, we have a free lending library and we try very hard to listen and react to people want changing and adapting as must. This is down to all of us, we are special and i want you to know it, appreciate and help us stay that way. Thank you so much!

The library wouldn’t exist without probably £1000 of donated board games by individuals, the games nights wouldn’t exist without you lovely lot teaching games and making a great atmosphere.

With out being negative most clubs are not like us. Each will have their own drive focus and personality, if you do go to any other club give it a go if it doesn’t suit you please try another club. Clubs vary as much board games do. Unfortunately I’ve seen a good number of clubs go into hibernation or stagnation over the last 12 months.

I’d love your thoughts on the guide and how we run HB.

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