Good news / Bad news. Donate or exercise to win stuff!

Good Morning all.

Good news bad news time.Good news, We are back to in person gaming and keeping online gaming going but may switch nights. We are reviewing our schedule including adding all days events each quarter. Our lending library now stands over 300 items and we have a grant to run accessible events. Our website is full of wonderful guides to help you get started..

Bad news: We’ve had ZERO donations this year (July Onwards). Including at our birthday party. Everything we do is for free run by volunteers but our charity fundraising for Mind is our way for you to show thanks and support. Please only donate if you can afford it but it would be appreciate by us and the vulnerable people of Hereford.Good news: If you donate or log exercise you stand a chance to win a set of dice (one for exercise, one for donations) by one of our two sponsors Home Brew Dice a dice maker from Hereford. Board Game Hub are also sponsoring our exercise challenge and will step up with prizes later in the year.

Donation links:

We have also exercised 3 500kms, join to log exercise or support us. Our exercise challenge is also a way to say thanks to our sponsors, We keep smashing the targets which is amazing!

Our Sponsors

I / we hate rattling the tin, but it’s a necessary evil.Consider how many hours of free entertainment we have provided, and compare it to any other social event. cinema, theatre, a round of golf or what ever. Our library is worth over £4 000 and some of the games are worth over £50.Even free online events have come with a cost to us, Board Game Arena Premium, RPG rule books and adventures, costs for Foundry or other online platforms.

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