Gaming, communities and mental health

Gaming, communities and mental health

Gaming and communities are great for mental health.

At all our events we have sign posting to mental health services and leaflets (in a discrete place), and several mental health first aiders. We raise money for and work closely with @herefordshiremind

I am happy and sad to say we are nearly out of leaflets.

It is incredible the impact we’ve had on people’s lives, including those who don’t regulary attend events.

This is a quote I’ve just received from a regular.

“I just want to say, there have been times when I flagged a little in the work I do. And in some of those times, I have been inspired to re-group/re-set by the work,

you have all done with boardgamers and what you achieved by sheer hard work and dedication, so take time to reflect just how much you have achieved from day one. You and the gang really are an inspiration”

We love (and need) stories ans messages like this. Both to keep us going and to get grants to help us be free and as inclusive as we can be.

On the website we have mental health guides and surveys or just drop me a message.

We would love to hear more, including any feedback.

Finally this is 100% a group effort from me at the top to every person who interacts in the communities or attended the events, almost everyone comes with the attitude of making the event great for everyone and being inclusive. You are all amazing.

As a reminder we run regular guided meditation sessions.