Free lending library soft launch part 2

Our free game library which contains 110 games, 27 on loan and 83 available.

We’ve been lending our games since the beginning. In November the games library was created and we’ve lending since then. We now have a dedicated website to help you find and search games.

There is still a lot of work to do but I’d rather the games being played rather than waiting for a perfect process.

I’ve spent far too many hours normally after midnight working on creating a separate site to help record and manage our games library.

It is not perfect but the games are filterable but clicking a category or tag or you can search using the box you can search more than one category but you must spell the words correctly.

The rules and about guides need more work.

Finally bonus points if you can find which game doesn’t have a game length category.

Next steps are get the recommend games working, change the games that show on the home page. Add a note about the stat block at the bottom of each page (which is data from Board game geek)

I think we need add to the descriptions as right now it is just the publishers blurb.

We’d love some feedback, we also want you to borrow some games, they are there to be played.