February Events

February Events:

1st First Thursday inperson Board Games at the Herdsman 6.30pm

8th Second Thursday Online Board Games 7pm

10th Saturday Childrens and Family Games The Children’s Bookshelf – Specialists in Children’s Books 10-3

18st Fourth (THIRD THIS MONTH)Sunday online Board Games at 6pm

23th Friday Blood on the Clock Tower

25st Third Sunday (FOURTH THIS MONTH) inperson Board Games at the Herdsman12pm

25th Third Sunday (FOURTH THIS MONTH one shot inperson RPGs 5pm

Other events:

Quarterly LGBTQIA games and Social

Accessible Charity Games day

Herefordshire Board Gamers bg Event Apil 6th

Here for Games Conline Late April

Here for Games Con May 10-12th