Events for 2021 and Charity events for 2022

We’ve got lots of wonderful stuff planned and there are a few more things in motion like a blacksmithing day at Make CIC. A beginners game day as well more online sessions and RPGS. We are looking to run our own 24 hour Game-a-thon too!

Biggest news is we have an accessible venue thanks to grants! Say Hello to the Richmond Place Club

**Our schedule:**

First Thursday: In person 2/12

Second Thurday: Online 11/11 9/12

Third Sunday: In person 21/11 and 19/12

Fourth Sunday: Online 28/11 and 26/12

Quarterly Charity events. 5/12, 29/1/22 and 26/3/22

Annual Mega charity day: May- This year a 3 day mini convention. 13-15/5/22

**Extra events:**

20-21/11 24 hour Gameathon in Gloucester

22-23/1/22 Two game day event supporting the Dune World record attempt in Gloucester.

Useful Info

More information on what a games night is like:…/

Details on our venues including photographs

Our games library 300 games to borrow for free

Our Discord server

A more detailed guide on how to join our online games nights…/how-to-join…/

Board Game arena: Free online board game site

Codenames a digital implementation of one of our favourite games::

A digital implementation of one of our favourite games: Telestrations / Scrawl

Lots more info here

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