End of Year Survey


Capture a range of feedback about our future and your needs so we can better support you

(It’s end of year but do complete it any time, all information is good information 🙂 )

Reminder Herefordshire Board Gamers is a volunteer community. We welcome feedback, support and suggestions all year around. Get in touch.

End of Year survey

Hello there!

The purpose of this survey is to review what we do, plan for the future as well as better understand our community

The insights your feedback, demographic data and testimonials add will help us when we apply for grant funding and advertising to help demonstrate the importance, need and value of what we do.

All questions are optional.

Terminology note

Language is ever changing and you may not be familiar with Global majority

National Inclusion Week: Why the language we use matters in building belonging | NCVO
NCVO adopts term ‘global majority’ instead of ‘BAME’ or ‘ethnic minorities’ (civilsociety.co.uk)

It has been adopted by the volunteer sector but not by the government which is why we use both.

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