Emoji Game and Film quiz (CLOSED), Sponsored by Big Potato

Welcome to our totally epic game and film emoji quiz.

We have two 50 emoticon quizzes for you to enjoy. Some are fiendish, some delightful and some delightfully, fiendish.

Wait there is MORE. We have 5 copies of Blockbuster by Big Potato games to give away. This is an awesome ‘retro-tastic’ film trivia game . https://bigpotato.com/us/games/blockbuster-the-game/

£2 charity donation buys you an entry into one of the two competitions and we have enough prizes that we can have a winner and a runner up prize, drawn from entries scoring over 50% so everyone stands a chance of winning! Every penny goes to Herefordshire Mind.

Finally, we’ll have a copy to win just for local types. You still have to get 50% correct.

Big Potato games have been a great supporter of ours, providing prizes for our charity ideas and loading our games library with amazing games.

We hope you have loads of fun solving the puzzles. We had loads of fun making them. Please share this far and wide. Even if people can’t enter they can fun solving the puzzles.

Should you just want to donate that is fine too! If you win you can also nominate a worthy cause to receive your prize instead.

We will release the answer after the closing date on 15th April and you are welcome to share it onwards.

How to enter: NOW CLOSED do donate if you liked it however 🙂
Email competition@herefordshireboardgamers.co.uk.
Please indicate which quiz, your answers, your city of residence. We are looking for the full titles.
Please donate on bit.ly/HB-Emoji leave your name visible and a comment containing three or more emojis
If you want to add your favourite film or board game that would be cool too.

Sharing the competition is not part of the entry but we would very much like you to comment, share or like on at least one social media platform so we can get as many entries and as much money as we can for Herefordshire Mind.

A quick link to this page is bit.ly/Emoji-quiz

Prizes: Five copies of Blockbuster by Big Potato Games
1) Top scoring valid entry on the Film competition
2) Top scoring valid entry on the Board Game competition
3) Random drawn valid entry scoring more than 50% on the Film competition*
4) Random drawn valid entry scoring more than 50% on the Board Game competition*
5) Random drawn valid entry scoring more than 50% on either competition for people living in Herefordshire.

1) £2 Entry per competition, one donation of £4 can cover entry into both competitions. (you may donate more but it will not result in more entries)
2) Competition one is a 50 emoji Film quiz.
3) Competition two is a 50 emoji Board game quiz.
4) Our answers are final even if you find a better fit.
5) Keep this fun. It’s to raise money for charity and to provide some entertainment. Please share the competition far and wide but do not spoil the answers for others.
6) Judges’ decisions are final.
7) Tie breaker to be drawn by random lots.
8) Free Post to the UK only, we can discuss options should the winner have a non UK address.
9) Competition closes midnight GMT 15/04/2020
10) You may re-enter the contest with a new donation and entry

Data privacy
Your data will not be used in any other way and will be deleted after the competition. We will ask for your permission to forward your address to Big Potato Games so they can send your prize.
We would like permission to share your favourite film or board games anonymously on social media as it’s fun!

Potentially asked questions
Why this format?
We wanted to give everyone both a free activity and raise money / awareness for charity. By releasing the emojis for free everyone can take part. We didn’t want to make people pay to access them.  We also want to allow a higher chance of winning so we added the runner up prizes.

Why two competitions?
Not everyone knows games or films or either, so hopefully this provides something for everyone.

I think you’ve overlooked something!
Probably have, we are busy keen amateurs who do our best, please let us know and we’ll do our best to fix in a fair way.


Film quiz answers

1. American Psycho

2. Jurassic Park

3. The Hunger Games

4. The Blues Brothers

5. Monsters Inc.

6. Big Trouble in Little China

7. Four Weddings and a Funeral

8. Snakes on a Plane

9. Cool Runnings

10. Full Metal Jacket

11. Sixteen Candles

12. Reservoir Dogs

13. LA Confidential

14. Good Will Hunting

15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

16. Casablanca

17. A Clockwork Orange

18. The Silence of the Lambs

19. Dances with Wolves

20. Cool Hand Luke

21. The Land Before Time

22. Three Men and a Baby

23. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

24. Four Lions

25. Ocean’s Eleven

26. Deliverance

27. Brokeback Mountain

28. The Fifth Element

29. The Nightmare Before Christmas

30. Mulan

31. The Hunt for Red October

32. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

33. Watership Down

34. Zulu

35. Hellraiser

36. Howl’s Moving Castle

37. Roman Holiday

38. Hot Fuzz

39. The Dark Crystal (also accepting Black Diamond as most people guessed and it is a good answer)

40. Dirty Dancing

41. Some Like it Hot

42. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

43. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

44. Home Alone

45. Toy Story

46. Mystic Pizza

47. The Postman Always Rings Twice

48. Deadpool

49. Atomic Blonde

50. Meet the Parents

Board Game Quiz Answers

1. Blood Rage

2. Dinosaur Tea Party

3. Carcassonne

4. Chaos in the Old World

5. Junk Art

6. Ticket to Ride

7. Bananagrams

8. Deep Sea Adventure

9. Gloomhaven

10. Quacks of Quedlinburg

11. Anatomy Park

12. Chronicles of Crime

13. Firefly

14. Galaxy Trucker

15. Cubirds

16. Dogs of War

17. Discworld: Ankh- Morpork

18. Above and Below

19. Beasts of Balance

20. Tyrants of the Underdark

21. Roll for the Galaxy

22. Wavelength

23. Pickle Rick

24. Terraforming Mars

25. Keyflower

26. Clash of Cultures

27. Go Nuts for Donuts

28. Rhino Hero

29. Tiny Towns

30. Camel Up

31. Carson City

32. Android: Netrunner

33. Game of Life

34. Glass Road

35. Plague Inc.

36. Incan Gold

37. World Without End

38. Rising Sun

39. Colour Brain

40. Chocolate Factory

41. Paranormal Detectives

42. Wiz-War

43. Captain Sonar

44. Port Royal

45. Unfair

46. Forbidden Stars

47. Werewords

48. Petrichor

49. Bugs in the Kitchen

50. Catch the Moon