December Events

December Events!

Games and socials:
Thursday 1st In person games day. Herdsman 6.30pm
Thursday 8th Online Games day 7pm
Friday 9th LGBTQIA+ Games night and Social. Core 7pm
Sunday 18th – Extended games day / Xmas dinner. Herdsman 12:00
Sunday 25th – Sort of cancelled

Guided Meditation
Monday 5th on Discord
Monday 19th December on Discord.

Our fourth sunday (Online) is Xmas day so sort of cancelled. However we are arranging a schedule to provide a few hours of online games on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day.
If you want to help us support this please let me know.

Pop on for a chat and hang out. We know xmas can be hard for a lot of people so I hope this helps. (Please note we are all volunteers so will do our very best)

We have lots more going on in discord including lots of general conversations and chats

@everyone (my twice monthly use of this feature)
I will add events links for each of these as comments

We have a huge games library so please so reach out and borrow some games! We are also a wealth of knowledge so please ask.