Codenames, Codegames, CodeJames and CodeDames. Codebrains on the 14th!

For a bit of fun and part of our extra events, we’ve been running custom puntastic versions of codenames. You are welcome to use our grids. Some of these are a bit more niche so we welcome players and spymasters to google some of the things. Maybe you’ll learn something. I learned a lot making Codedames.

Next up is Codebrains on the 14th

Image may contain: 20 people, text that says "James Rodriguez James Arthur James Corden James Phelps James Earl Jones James MeAwoy James Me Vey SEC James May James Cameron James Dyson Vames Bhunt James Brown James Dean James ranco IN James Watt James Bay James Avery James Madison James Patterson Vames Hetfield"
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