Charity Raffle 2021 (Closed)

Mega Raffle. Every penny goes to Herefordshire Mind. We have over £2750 of prizes to be won including over. Final total raised £1626.95 for 81 winning tickets from a pool of 666.

We are working our way down the winners who are choosing their own prizes. The spreadsheet will be kept up to date. We are currently calling the 10th ticket.

Full prize details and availability

Gallery of prizes (Facebook):

51 physical games*, 20 digital games! Board Game Arena Subscriptions, RPG rules books, dice towers and more! *(Some including postage!)

All donations to our main donation page made during May 2021 will be turned into entries into our raffle. £2 a ticket.
Winners pick there own prizes and are responsible for postage. We are happy to help you chose a prize.

We will do our best to identify donations to doners but please email with your information if the donation isn’t clear or you want to stay anonymous.

MOST of the raffle prizes 5/5/21

High Res image of the prize pool here

Prizes as 29/5/21

Full prize details and availability

Gallery of prizes (Facebook):

Donation Page:

Many wonderful Individuals:
2 Foundry Virtual Table top keys Foundry VTT Community
1 copy of Foothills Ben Bateson (the codesigner!)
4 packs of Sussed Games Sussed Card Games
Puzzles and Games from Coiledspring Games
Board Game arena Premium membership Board Game Arena
Candle and light pack
Games from Big Potato
RPG PDFS from Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Games from Stuff By Bez
Games from Surprised Stare Games Ltd
Game from Zatu Games
Game from Chaos Cards
RPGs from Goodmen Games
RPGs from Chaosium
Buscuits from Franks Luxury Biscuits
Dice Towers from Personalisedstore (Etsy)
Games from
Games from
Digital games
RPG RPGs 3T-RPG-Publishing

All donations to the specified page in May 2021 are eligible for the raffle £2 a ticket.
Winners to be drawn in the first week of June
Best endevours to identify the doners.
1 prize will be drawn for every £20 donated during May. This means not all prizes will be won. Prizes not won will be rolled over to the future events.
Winners will pick their own prize (We are happy to help advise). Winners will be contacted in sequence. Please pick your prize within 48 hours. Food / drink prizes need to be won so maybe allocated as a last resort.
Winners are responsible for paying postage. We will do our best to drop off / arrange pick up locally.
Every penny goes to Herefordshire Mind.
The Chair and Vice chair of Herefordshire Board Gamers are not allowed to enter the raffle. All other members can.
Your information will not be used for any other purposes than the raffle
(Please follow us on facebook / instragram / twitter etc)