Charity Game day FAQ (The Core 2021)

The May game events are very likely to be postponed please watch this space

This is WIP in progress so maybe more statements than an FAQ 😀

1) 100% of money goes to charity excluding the onsite café (The venue is free of charge to us), all costs are paid by volunteer donations. Please only bring outside food in where necessary.

2) The venue is wheel chair accessible with small ramp/ step. The toilet is NOT wheel chair accessible we are looking to over businesses which are open during key opening hours to use their facilities. There is enough space around the tables to manoeuvre a wheelchair and we intend to create a quiet zone. we are looking at alternate options for 2021)

3) All are welcome, no game or life experience is necessary, we will have friendly game teachers on hand to assist.

4) Prizes will be raffled and auctioned off, the exact format will be announced but it will be tailored to maximise the income for mind whilst keeping it hassle free. There will be a minimum reserve for the auction items and we reserve the right to reallocate prizes.

5) Entry is free but we welcome a donation, if you can gift aid it, Mind will get more money

6) Bring your own games or borrow from our library.

7) Parking is onsite free but limited

8) There will be a zero tolerance policy on anti social behaviour, we run a fun safe inclusive community and events.

9) Can I buy online auctions / Raffle tickets online

Yes please donate details to come for 2020

Gallery Here: Please bid / comment here

Online bids for DEDICATED Raffles (not general) Online sales until midnight on the ? Auction Online bid until ?

Subject to change and terms and conditions. Auctions will have a fixed reserve and if they don’t sell, each item will be added to the bring and buy, anything not sold will roll over to the next event. Value is cost to buy not RRP! So the RRP of these packs is 40% or more higher in a lot of cases.