Charity weekend schedule and raffle.

Our mega charity game day but online! Every Penny goes to Herefordshire Mind Saturday and Sunday from 11AM

Massive thanks to for donating our star prizes.

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More games on sunday too.

We’ll have a range of games from light social, and party game, Role play games, web camera streamed games and gaming simulators on tabletopia and Board game arena.

if you want to run any games please let us know otherwise join us and we’ll do our best to find the right game for you.

More information on online gaming here

Due to this being very much new territory for most of us, we are keeping the schedule flexible and we have the facilities and team members ready to create a wide variety of games on the fly from like social games like codenames to Scythe on Tabletopia.
You are more than welcome to run your own games and we’ll help you find players. If we get busy then we’d love volunteers to run stuff!
11am Open Start with light games like codenames on
14:00 RPG Dungeons and Dragons Adult or Similar for Kids Ace
14:00 RPG Dungeons and dragons with @Nathan O’Grady
14:30 Tabletopia ‘proper game’
18:00-1900 Break
19.30 Jackbox with Nathan O’Grady
19:30 Horror RPG (FULL)
11am Open Start with light games like codenames on
17:00 Raffle Drawn
18:00-1900 Break
RPGs: Saturday (GAME Description in comments)
Flexible Start Children’s Fantasy RPG with ACE
Flexible Start Adults Dungeons and Dragons with ACE
Flexible Start Fantasy home brew with Peter King
7.30 Horror with Sean Kingston Full, Sponsored by
RPGs: Sunday
Flexible Start Fantasy home brew with Peter King
General games on offer:
Tabletopia: (Browser or in Steam) Scythe, Roll Player, Dice throne – Tang Garden, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle wizards Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre, Go nuts for Donuts, Spyfall, Wingspan Arcatects of the West kingdom, Villages of Valeria, Tapestry. Everdell, Roll player, Paperback and go nuts for donuts. Victim: The cursed forest.
Steam Apps: Scythe, Splendour
Board Game Arena:
Streamed games
Codenames, Deep Sea adventure, paranormal Detectives, Estates, hand of the king
We will build this out during the day, but the aim is to be flexible.


Raffle! For every £5 you donated from 5/5/2020 you will receive one raffle ticket.
Raffle will be drawn be drawn 5pm Monday. The winner will get to chose their prize from the pool.
For every £75 donated another winner will be drawn.
Star prizes from
1) Call of Cthulhu Starter Set (pdf). Should include:
Book 1: Introduction and Alone Against The Flames—a solo introductory adventure, teaching you the basics of Call of Cthulhu as you play through a mystery.
Book 2: Call of Cthulhu Starter Rules—the essential rules, everything needed for starting play.
Book 3: Adventures—three starter adventures for your players to explore.
Ready to Play Investigators—five ready to play game characters.
Blank Investigator Sheets—ready for creating your own investigators.
Player Handouts – a set of ready to use props.
2) Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook (7th Ed.) – PDF
Prizes from us (Winner chooses, multiple of each)
+ Online RPG for you
+ Virtual Games nights, (Tabletopia / Jackbox etc)
+ £10 worth of Herefordshire Board Game merchandice. Mugs, coasters, stickers and Tshirts (limited sizes and colours)
+ A mystery box….
+Steam keys for Carasonne, and splendor
Donate here:
Our discord:
Please donate we are going to try and run as near to 24 hour of gaming over this weekend for you, we are hoping to have multiple game sessions on at the same time as well.
We’ve spent weeks planning this and a lot of time effort and in some cases money getting and setting up the equipment in order to take our event online and still offer hours of free entertainment.
I know virtual isn’t everyones cup of tea but let’s make the best of it