Charity gaming weekend this weekend!

Good morning all. Not long until our May 16-17th Charity game weekend. We are going ahead despite not being able to meet in person. We very much hope we’ll provide a free fun gaming day and raise a bit of money for Herefordshire Mind.

I was expecting to raise £2000, so this is a bit blow for us and Mind. We’d love support in any form, advertising, running a game or donations of money or prizes.

We have already gathered a few prizes but most of these will be held over till when we can meet in person (except for maybe the mystery prize). We are going to do a mini raffle to help motivate people to donate.

Our current idea is for every £5 you donate from today you get one virtual raffle ticket. For every £75 donated we unlock one more prize. Right now I/we are personally donating all prizes but will accept other prizes to add to the pool so please get your thinking hats on.

Prizes. (Winner chooses, multiple of each)
I will run a short online RPG for you
We will run and teach you a game on board game arena or Tabletopia.
I will run a jackbox games night for you
£10 worth of Herefordshire Board Game merchandice. Mugs, coasters, stickers and Tshirts (limited sizes and colours)
A mystery box….

Event wise.
We have a Cyber horror RPG at 7.30
We are lining up a Dungeons and Dragons RPG at somepoint during the weekend.
We will have a mix of streamed games, app games on Tabletopia and light and silly Jackbox

Donate here:
Our discord:

If any one wants to buy any merchandise it still for sale.
We are running lots of other games and sessions so do follow us