Charity Game day Sunday and Library update

Charity games day this Saturday 11am to late. Free entry but please donate if you like what we do. Mind is a great charity.

We aren’t planning any raffles or anything fancy but there will be a mix of games and some side RPGs and we are looking at Table Top Simulator and some of the longer games as well.

Our library now stands at 200 ish titles. 53 are loaned out (which is amazing!) that only leave 150 amazing games and puzzles left to borrow 🙂 !

Huge thanks to all of the individuals and companies who have donated games and let our library grow from 33 one year ago to 200 titles!

Please note we have up to 4 copies of some games and some games include expansions so the actual figure is 200.

We have also spent a lot of time revamping the library to make it as easy to use as possible.

Clearer age and accessibility ranges

New tags for types of games, only Lunchtime so far, do you have any suggestions for tag?

All feedback is welcome.

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