Charity Game Day 3rd August, lending library and RPGs

Charity Game Day 3rd August, lending library and RPGs

Good morning friends!

The website is still looking a bit shabby post migration as I’ve been focusing on other HB tasks which have included updating our Discord channel to make it easier to use. Our discord channel and Facebook are our two busiest areas check them out. I’ve made a start repairing the look and feel.

(Update text and mostly been restored and edited. I need to restore the images now…)

We are hosting an extra games day on the 3rd August a relaxed charity games day raising money for Mind. We will be scheduling more charity game days too.

We have also revamped our game arranger Facebook group to focus on RPGs, we have four RPGs in recruitment right now. We are also arranging a seminar or informal talk to give us a chance to talk RPGs and pass on some of our knowledge.

Finally we are working hard on updating out free games lending library which has 110 games in it. Watch this space for more information, even though the processes aren’t fully fleshed out the games are still yours to play. We have a huge range and variety still available to borrow