Board game organiser knowledge share and round table

Board game clubs and communities do amazing work providing much needed social and communities.It’s hard work so lets get together and share some knowledge. Bring an idea or a problem you can present in less than 3 minutes and we will discuss your ideas.

This is for all gaming organising groups, Board games, war games, table top and RPG. Board game is just an easy collective term.This is the pilot session I am planning in person sessions at Airecon and have applied for the UK Games Expo. If this works out well maybe we can make it quarterly.

The sessions will not be recorded as I want free discussion but we will aim to take notes so we can share best practice.

Herefordshire Board Gamers know about
Charity Fund raising. (£14 000 in 6 years)
Inclusion and mental health
Diversifing (Online, RPGs, quizzes, video games)
Writing guides
Getting grants.
Running small to medium events
Running Free events.We try to do social media!

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