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This year we have 24 people attending, which is a large increase on last year so we need to be organsied.

Yams has kindly offered to provide one hot meal a day, by default these will be Vegetarian, with a meat option.

Salad / Sandwich options will be avaliable for meal 2 and if there is consensus will be provide a large box of breakfast cereral (better value)

There will be chips / nugget type things for folks to make themselves an extra hot meal, these will be labelled so you won't be breaking a meal plan.

If you have specific dietary requirements please bring your own food.
If there are a group of you please liase and plan acorrdingly.
There is not capacity for custom orders, if you want something fancy do it yourself 🙂 

We will aim to bill people the correct amount i.e.  if you opt out of meals. 

Each morning we will confirm the meal for the day and next day and ask for volunteers for chores