August Update and code of conduct

August Update and code of conduct

It’s such an odd world at the moment, and it really helps to know others have got your back. We haven’t stopped gaming the whole way through the apocalypse, staying connected and supporting each other is always important, but especially now.

Since March we have run at least 60 public events virtually, with many other games being organised through our online platforms. This is up from 13 planned and we haven’t cancelled a single scheduled event.

We are proud of the reputation we’ve gained as a warm friendly club and hopefully we’ll never need a code of conduct, as we haven’t yet! Just remember to have keep having fun, being kind to each other and being an awesome bunch of goblins.

A few other cool facts!

We’ve raised £995 Herefordshire Mind (£7500 in Four years)

Our game library has grown from 33 to 120.

We’ve run our first Emoji Quiz and A summer secret Santa with some amazing gifts!

Started 3 new RPGs campaigns and played the following systems Fiasco, Hostile, Savage World, Dungeons World, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Mothership, Dungeon Crawl (Cyber), Alien, Cthulhu

Various additional side board game and video groups have formed thanks to the friendships we’ve helped create.

Thank you all to my Committee, regulars and new gaming friends, we can’t do it without you.