Aims and code of conduct reminder :)

Aims and code of conduct reminder :)

The aim of HBG is to provide fun, free, inclusive events and communities and we do! We aren’t perfect and are continually learning especially regarding physical accessibilty.

Having a code of conduct is important as is the ability to enforce. If anyone has any concerns, questions no matter how small please do raise or report it. (Message me or Herefordshire Board Gamers page (note 4 people can see that info)

In the comments I will list our code of conduct, safe guarding policy and our allyship training which helps us all challenge bad behaviour and educate.

As ever we love feedback and support if you have any ideas of skills shout out! We also need feedback for grant requests so we can keep things accessible and free).

Thank you all for being awesome and being part of this epic ongoing project which has a genuine impacts on peoples lives. (If it has please leave feedback or write a testimonial)