AGM 23rd and help wanted

AGM Saturday 23rd 7pm. Part of 12 hour accessible game day. We’ll have a small raffle so we’d love donations of prizes.

Any game requests?

Also we’d love any help.

HB is run by a small team of volunteers who do not financially from what we do. Volunteering is hugely rewarding and I’ve seen some of our team grow in skills and confidence hugely.

What we’d love help with

Sharing what we do (Champion us!)

Social media

Websiste content,

Writing reviews and articles

Proof reading / logic checking / testing

Teaching games at events

Eventually leading events

Library management

Advice and support

Anything else

We are happy to help and support, and share what skills and knowledge we have, volunteering is great to put on a CV.

If you don’t have much time just being an active part of our communities and sharing / liking our posts is hugely important.

Thank you to everyone who makes HB what it is.

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