5 events this weekend

5 events this weekend

Friday Blook on the Clock tower 18:30 to late at Holmer Scouts.

Saturday we are supporting Dudley Bug Bowl

Saturday Casual walk (sign up on discord)

Sunday Board Games at the Herdsman 12:00 to 22:00 Theme Trransport

Sunday RPGs at the Herdsman 17:00 to 23:00

Does anyone want to run any RPGs?

We have an offer of day time Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday.

Does anyone wan to run a one shot at 5pm?

If anyone wants to learn to story tell in Blood on the Clock Tower let me know.


Library and shop are still available on demand.

Traders wanted for April 6th

Online events wanted for ‘Late April’

Volunteers wanted for April 6th and May 10-12th

Prizes / sponsorship wanted.

Ghost from Izzy’s Tabletop Workshop

[Image Hand Made Ghost holding a 20 sided dice showing a 5, both are glowing in the dark ]