24 hour day done and we raised £250.

Quick write up of our 24 hour game a thon here https://www.board-game.co.uk/herefordshire-board-gamers/

We played mostly lighter games, Codenames, Cross talk, Deception Murder in Hong Kong, Bring your own book, Anomia, Cards against humanity, werewords Secret hitler, concept and of course Telestrations

The meat of the day went to Monopoly, Azul and Monopoly Gamers. The night went to Rising sun and Dusk City outlaws which is an RPG one shot game.

The live thread was here.

and the monopoly thread is here https://www.facebook.com/groups/Herefordgamers/permalink/1803379373298291/

We’ve raised around £250, huge thanks to our sponsors.

We are considering what to do next year