13 month look back

Another interesting year! In the last 13 months (Jan 1st 2021 to 28th Feb 2022) I’ve extended it as lots of good stuff is happening this month and the look back is late anyway!

Five of the team are now mental health first aiders
Exercised 8771km as part of a community charity exercise challenge
Gained granted to expand our advertising, library and hire accessible venues
Starting knowledge sharing and round table with Board Game club and community Organisers
Growth in attendance and membership
Expanded the free community lending library from 160 games to 323!

Charity Played testing with Sussed (Twice!)
Helped raise £5000 for charity

We ran every event planned despite Covid and at times running three public events at the same time!
Every month we ran events on more days than not including days where we had 2-4 separate events on if you include the RPGs sessions.
Partnered with a new group in Gloucester, helped run 3 charity events including breaking a world record for longest board game session, 85 hours 22 minutes (pending verification)
Stayed online and ran parallel events to our all events in Jan and Feb
Branched out into Video games including among us and coop shooters
Started Guided meditation session
Started LGBTQIA+ events
Cross over event with Make CIC

Published more guides Published a mental health guide
Mental health guide published in a Tabletop Magazine (An international Magazine)
Club interview in the official Program for the UK games expo (third largest games convention in the world)
Interviewed live on Twitch by the UK games Epxo
Tsuro played at UK Games Expo
Appeared on local radio 4 times

Our RPG arm is continuing to grow, with more storytellers running even more systems, some of these wonderful people played their first RPG with us last year.

We have played the following 27 different RPG systems

Are we soul mates, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer fantasy roleplay, Hypertellions, Forgetaboutit. Alien, Mothership, Viewscream, We are room mates now, alice is missing, Chtulhu, Chtulhu Dark, Delta Green, Dungeon World, Honey Heist, Warhammer 40k, Cepheus Engine, Witches (Harry potter), masks, paranoia, Cyberpunk, Quiet Year, parslings Fiasco, Hostile, heat of the dungeon, zombieworld.


I want to do a 24 month look back, HB the Covid years. Starting and Ending with Airecon, What should I add? Talk about?

It’s been an amazing two years and the club has grown and evolved so much.
Huge thanks to the committee, helpers and all the members in making this all happen.

Please share some highlights with us, drop us a review and help share our events.

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