Our friends and sponsors

We are luckily enough to have good relationships with many local business who let us play games in their venue and / or have provided prizes for our charity days.

Basically Wooden: Local artisans who make excellent gaming organisers and accessories


DellCon: UK’s No.1 Boardgaming B&B www.thedellhouse.co.uk

Beer in Hand: Gamer friendly Micropub with weekly game nights and decent game shelf!


Surprised Stare Games: Local designer Tony Boydell, mastermind behind Guilds of London and Snowdonia.


Wise Owl Toys:  Local toy shop, specialising in education games, super friendly.


The Black Lion:


Happy Otter Games: Local Designer Orhan Ertughrul makes of Creature Collage


Hereford Left Bank: Mega venue on the river bank, something for everyone.

Hereford Left Bank Weddings and Events Venue

The Imperial: Great pub with good ale and food


(I will add logos and pretties in the next phase of the website!)

Hare and Wolf Jewellery


Works in silver, brass and copper to create wearable cherished objects.