Board gamers from around the county who are into all types of board and card games led by Adam and Elaine.

Our first formal meeting was 14th July 2016, although we had organised two NSPCC charity board game days previously, in 2016 and 2015 (each time raising around £500).

Our numbers are growing with each meeting and we are still regularly seeing new faces. The March meeting had 26 gamers in attendance.

Adam has always been into gaming and discovered modern gaming in around 2001 with Zombies!!! and Munchkin and has dabbled in most types of board, card and war games. Elaine was introduced into the wonderful world of modern gaming by Adam and hasn’t looked back since!  Their collection has grown and matured over the years and they love sharing their hobby.

More about us here on facebook www.facebook.com/groups/Herefordgamers/

If you want to contact us please use Facebook or our contact form