Games we play!

Here is an ugly list of the games we have played on each of our events!

Here is a list of my plays

Charity Events

May Charity day 2018 Raised £1260 ish

73 players raised £1267.08,  we played loads of games! Including Mind, what a tanker, xwing, stone age, dragon lance, blokes in a phone box, terror in hereford city and lots lots more.

March 24 hour game a thon 2018.

9 players played  mostly lighter games, Codenames, Cross talk, Deception Murder in Hong Kong, Bring your own book, Anomia, Cards against humanity, werewords Secret hitler, concept and of course Telestrations

The meat of the day went to Monopoly, Azul and Monopoly Gamers. The night went to Rising sun and Dusk City outlaws which is an RPG one shot game.

We’ve raised around £250 we are considering what to do next year

March Charity day 2018: Raised

31 players played Lifeboat, telestrations, two rooms and a boom, captain sonar, rising sun, takenko, Jane Austin Match Maker, Legacy of duke decrecy, push dudes into a phone box, tick tock woodman, King of new York. Anomia, Azul, timeline, Battle wizard thingy game, bugs in the kitchen, town of salem. anatomy park. roll for the galaxy. Arboretum, codename duet, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

May Charity day 2017: Raised £520 ish

48 players. Plague Inc. Terror in meeple city. 6 nimmit. Codenames. Secret Hitler. Inis. Villages of Valeria. pandemics. Tsuro. Junk art. New Bedford. Stone age. Robot Rally. Qwirkle. Roll for the galaxy. Arboretum. My first carcossonne. Castle for all seasons. Keyflower. Cube quest. Unfair. Telestrations. Penguin Trap. Lords of Water Deep. Walking Dead card game (6 nimmit) Mysterium, Exploding Kittens

September 2017: Saturday

Amazing incredible charity games day 37 players raised 75 ish quid. this will be added to the funds from last month probably another game in January and the mega May game. I am nervous to put this in writing but I want to break £750.

I am defiantly going go miss some off the played list. deception murder in Hong Kong. lifeboats. telestrations. shipwrights of the north Sea. raiders of the north Sea. penguin trap. stone age. game of thrones the iron throne. small world. hero realms. roll player. duplik.  xwing. Frost grave. zombie fluxx. fields of green. concept. plus a small space one in a small box.

August Charity day 2017:

26 players Giant tsuro. Qwirkle. Lifeboats. Scythe. Santorini. Tick tock woodman. Near and far. Codenames. Medina. Godfather. Happy salmon. Fake artist in new York. Kingdomino. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Furstenfield, Kraftwagen, telestrations, leaders of eurphoria. 75 ish quid raised.

May Charity day 2016 £500 ish

36 players. Tick Tock Woodmen, Eminent Domain Battlecruisers, Dobble, Raiders of the North Sea, Telestrations, Glass road, Totemo, Chaos in the Old World, Escape from Alantis, Camel up, Exploding Kittens, Forbidden Island, Blockus, Tsuro, Dogs of War, Smash Up, Zombie Dice, Fluxx, Plums and something Kerr Plunk

Regular events

July 2018 Thursday


At this point we’ve played well over 160 different games and have had 700 players at our events!

June 2018 Sunday

17 peeps including 2 new faces played. Azul, luxor. Mind. Anomia. Evolution. Steam. Carasonne. Cobra paw. Marrying Mr Darcy.

June 2018 Thursday

Another relaxed game day in the much nicer function room. 17 players players scrawl, firefly, caracsonne the city, Azul, landlord, cardlines. mind, go nuts for donuts

May 2018 Sunday

We had a quieter Sunday (Day after charity game day) 8 players played deception murder in hong kong, bannanagrams and between two cities. Lots of lovely new and newish faces

May 2018 Thursday

Another lovely game night. 3 new faces. We played codenames. Azul. Time lines. No thanks. Skull. New Bedford. Blood rage. Anomia and telestrations.

April 2018 Sunday

14 players. We played azul. Star fluxx. Roll player. Inis. Cross talk. Ultimate showdown. Time lines. Qwirkle. Dobble.

April 2018 Thursday

21 people played, telestrations, dobble, timeline, codenames, Carcassonne, dinosaur island, King domino, Incan gold.

March 2018 Sunday

15 gamers including a random gaming couple I grabbed. We played Jane Austin Match maker. Libertalia. Arboretum. Elevenses. Saloon tycoon. You’ve got crabs. Star fluxx. Kingdomino, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre and snake oil.

March 2018 Thursday

Snow day so only 6 players, we played qwirkle, codenames, coloretto, kinddomino and Villages of valeria

February 2018: Sunday

A puntastic games night, 12 of us (2 new faces, we’ve had new faces for the last few times which is lovely!) and a family of four playing Catan next to us. We play a lot of lighter games tonight and there was lots of laughter and giggles. I saw, Snowdonia, telestrations, qwirkle, Greenland, You have crabs, werewords, crosstalk, coup, lifeboat.

February 2018: Thursday

Another great night, 19 players lots and lots of laughs. I saw the following being played, Anomia, Cross talk, Black Fleet, Splendor, Spyfall, roll player, animal upon animal. Werewords and bugs in the kitchen.

January 2018: Sunday

Another great games night. 11 players (12 if you count MJ who was working)We played ticket to ride. timelines and raiders of the north Sea. 7 wonders

January 2018: Thursday

Another lovely relaxed games night 15 players, including one new face.
We played  dobble, cross talk, roll for the galaxy, blood rage, tides of madness, mini rails. cockroach poker, anomia, harry potter. 

December 2017: Sunday

Lovely games night to end the year. 12 players including 4 new faces. We played Wits and Wagers, Cross Talk, Codenames, Timelines inventions and british history, Bloody inn. Anomia, Jamaica. Codenames duet.

December 2017: Thursday

A quieter night tonight, I think xmas and lurgy has defeated a few of the regulars. 12 players played cross talk, scythe, yamata (can’t spell it) and xcom.

November 2017: Sunday

9 players 1 new face. Dobble, cross talk, tyrants of the underdark, Monty Python Flux, Adventure time flux, susi go, Anomia. Blackfleet. king of tokyo

November 2017: Thursday

12 gamers, 1/2 new faces. I saw King of Tokyo, Coup, unfair, time lines, telestrations, concepts, Splendor and tyrants of the underdark.

October 2017: Sunday

12 players, we played covert, black fleet, fluxxx, henchmania, timelines, bloodrage. tides of tide (was it my copy..)
What have I missed!?

October 2017: Thursday

24 players including 4 new faces. We now have a second Adam to go with the Andrew and James collection.
We played, Cross talk, no thanks, colt express, game of thrones the iron throne, anomia, ticket to ride. city of horror, concept

September 2017: Sunday

17 players 1 new face. Lot of laughs and some meatier games to. I saw played, Lifeboat, deception murder in hong kong, small world, Terra, game of thrones the iron throne, roll player, rhino hero, codenames, penguin trap, telestrations, spy fall and king of Tokyo.

September 2017: Thursday

3 new faces making up a record equally 24 players. I saw dobble anomia. Game of thrones the iron throne. Deception murder in Hong Kong. Dark moon. Sain Juan. Codenames. Time lines. Splendor. Roll player and colt express all being played….

August 2017: Sunday

16 gamers, 4 new faces. I saw the following games being played. Lifeboat, Rhino Hero, Tsuro, Dobble, Leaders of Eurphoria, Lords of Waterdeep. Adrenaline, Codenames, penguin trap and henchmania.

August 2017: Thursday

24 players 1 new face. We played lifeboats. City of Horrors. Skull. Xcom. New Bedford. Citadels. Penguin trap. Splendour. Yamati. Takinoko. Dobble. Timeline(s). Mondrian… (dice game.) Telestrations.

July 2017: Sunday

9 players. Starfluxx, time lines, Perudo, duplik, Betrayal at house on the hill, Codenames pictures and henchmania.

July 2017: Thursday

22 players Ghost busters. Time line. Telestrations. Terror in meeple city. Castle for all seasons. Code names. Happy salmon. Giant tsuro. Penguin trap. Hare and something. Bandu. Sushi go. Anomia

June 2017: Sunday

8 players (Super nice weather!) Star Realms, Blood Rage, Anomia, Leaders of Euphoria. 7 Wonders.

June 2017: Thursday

14 players (2 new faces) Dobble, Telestrations, Networks, Castles of Burgundy, Pandemic and troyes

May 2017 : Thursday

12 players Codenames, Two rooms and a Boom. Roll for the Galaxy. Takinoko, Dobble, Terror in Meeple City.

May 2017: Sunday

12 players Inis. Coup. Explorers of the north Sea. Terra. Qwirkle. Dixit and Mascarade

April 2017 : Thursday

17 players Darkest Dealings, Inis, Codenames, Isle of sky, Istanbul, Stone Age, Lancaster, Star Fluxx and Terra

April 2017: Sunday

8 players (2 new) Mascerade, codenames, mysterium, 7th hero.

March 2017 : Sunday

12 players  I managed to teach 5 games with out referring to a rule book! I saw Skull, Coup, cockroach poker, five tribes, eurphoria, Betrayal on the house on the hill, dixit oddessy, Hive, star flux

March 2017: Thursday

26 players, Skull, Coup, Cockroach Poker, Five Tribes, Eurphoria, Betrayal on the House on the hill, Dixit Oddessy, Hive, Star Fluxx

February 2017 : Thursday

King of Tokyo, Codenames, Shipwrights, Dark Moon, Splendor, Evolution, Broom Service, Imhotep, Jaipur, Risk Express, Biblios, Lords of Waterdeep

February 2017: Sunday

9 players 3 new Bang the dice game, Libertalia, Codenames and Spyfall.

Jan 2017 : Thursday

10 players Bloody Inn, Fabled Fruit, Puerto Rico, Jaipur, Forbidden Dessert and Codenames.

December 2016: Thursday

10 gamers 1 new. No games listed

November 2016: Thursday

12 players 1 new. Coup, Sons of Anarchy, Above and Below, Codenames, Sushi Go, King of Tokyo and Cockroach Poker.

October 2016: Saturday

11 players Bloodrage, Tokiado, Love Letter, Pictomania, Vitaculture, Ra, Citadels, Guild Hall

October 2016: Thursday

Blood Rage, Dragon Eggs.

September 2016: Thursday

14 players Codenames, One Night Werewolf, Networks, Roll for the Galaxy. Glass road, Chicago Express

August 2016: Thursday

Ticket to ride, Viticulture (with Tuscany) Glass Road. 7 Wonders, Evolution and Battlefleet Gothic.

July 2016: Thursday

Vitaculture, Codenames, Fluxx, Pokemon, Waggledance, Dragon Eggs?