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Guide to online games and our mega charity weekend

Our mega charity virtual gaming weekend was great fun and a great sucsess raising £275. No technology issues and lots of fun gaming was had by all.

This is also a great document describing how to play various games online

Charity mental health

Charity weekend schedule and raffle.

Our mega charity game day but online! Every Penny goes to Herefordshire Mind Saturday and Sunday from 11AM

Massive thanks to for donating our star prizes.

Join us on discord
Donate here

More games on sunday too.

We’ll have a range of games from light social, and party game, Role play games, web camera streamed games and gaming simulators on tabletopia and Board game arena.

if you want to run any games please let us know otherwise join us and we’ll do our best to find the right game for you.

More information on online gaming here

Due to this being very much new territory for most of us, we are keeping the schedule flexible and we have the facilities and team members ready to create a wide variety of games on the fly from like social games like codenames to Scythe on Tabletopia.
You are more than welcome to run your own games and we’ll help you find players. If we get busy then we’d love volunteers to run stuff!
11am Open Start with light games like codenames on
14:00 RPG Dungeons and Dragons Adult or Similar for Kids Ace
14:00 RPG Dungeons and dragons with @Nathan O’Grady
14:30 Tabletopia ‘proper game’
18:00-1900 Break
19.30 Jackbox with Nathan O’Grady
19:30 Horror RPG (FULL)
11am Open Start with light games like codenames on
17:00 Raffle Drawn
18:00-1900 Break
RPGs: Saturday (GAME Description in comments)
Flexible Start Children’s Fantasy RPG with ACE
Flexible Start Adults Dungeons and Dragons with ACE
Flexible Start Fantasy home brew with Peter King
7.30 Horror with Sean Kingston Full, Sponsored by
RPGs: Sunday
Flexible Start Fantasy home brew with Peter King
General games on offer:
Tabletopia: (Browser or in Steam) Scythe, Roll Player, Dice throne – Tang Garden, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle wizards Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre, Go nuts for Donuts, Spyfall, Wingspan Arcatects of the West kingdom, Villages of Valeria, Tapestry. Everdell, Roll player, Paperback and go nuts for donuts. Victim: The cursed forest.
Steam Apps: Scythe, Splendour
Board Game Arena:
Streamed games
Codenames, Deep Sea adventure, paranormal Detectives, Estates, hand of the king
We will build this out during the day, but the aim is to be flexible.


Raffle! For every £5 you donated from 5/5/2020 you will receive one raffle ticket.
Raffle will be drawn be drawn 5pm Monday. The winner will get to chose their prize from the pool.
For every £75 donated another winner will be drawn.
Star prizes from
1) Call of Cthulhu Starter Set (pdf). Should include:
Book 1: Introduction and Alone Against The Flames—a solo introductory adventure, teaching you the basics of Call of Cthulhu as you play through a mystery.
Book 2: Call of Cthulhu Starter Rules—the essential rules, everything needed for starting play.
Book 3: Adventures—three starter adventures for your players to explore.
Ready to Play Investigators—five ready to play game characters.
Blank Investigator Sheets—ready for creating your own investigators.
Player Handouts – a set of ready to use props.
2) Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook (7th Ed.) – PDF
Prizes from us (Winner chooses, multiple of each)
+ Online RPG for you
+ Virtual Games nights, (Tabletopia / Jackbox etc)
+ £10 worth of Herefordshire Board Game merchandice. Mugs, coasters, stickers and Tshirts (limited sizes and colours)
+ A mystery box….
+Steam keys for Carasonne, and splendor
Donate here:
Our discord:
Please donate we are going to try and run as near to 24 hour of gaming over this weekend for you, we are hoping to have multiple game sessions on at the same time as well.
We’ve spent weeks planning this and a lot of time effort and in some cases money getting and setting up the equipment in order to take our event online and still offer hours of free entertainment.
I know virtual isn’t everyones cup of tea but let’s make the best of it

Charity Community Saturdays Sunday

Charity gaming weekend this weekend!

Good morning all. Not long until our May 16-17th Charity game weekend. We are going ahead despite not being able to meet in person. We very much hope we’ll provide a free fun gaming day and raise a bit of money for Herefordshire Mind.

I was expecting to raise £2000, so this is a bit blow for us and Mind. We’d love support in any form, advertising, running a game or donations of money or prizes.

We have already gathered a few prizes but most of these will be held over till when we can meet in person (except for maybe the mystery prize). We are going to do a mini raffle to help motivate people to donate.

Our current idea is for every £5 you donate from today you get one virtual raffle ticket. For every £75 donated we unlock one more prize. Right now I/we are personally donating all prizes but will accept other prizes to add to the pool so please get your thinking hats on.

Prizes. (Winner chooses, multiple of each)
I will run a short online RPG for you
We will run and teach you a game on board game arena or Tabletopia.
I will run a jackbox games night for you
£10 worth of Herefordshire Board Game merchandice. Mugs, coasters, stickers and Tshirts (limited sizes and colours)
A mystery box….

Event wise.
We have a Cyber horror RPG at 7.30
We are lining up a Dungeons and Dragons RPG at somepoint during the weekend.
We will have a mix of streamed games, app games on Tabletopia and light and silly Jackbox

Donate here:
Our discord:

If any one wants to buy any merchandise it still for sale.
We are running lots of other games and sessions so do follow us


Charity Games mental health Mind

Emoji quiz is closed, Congratulations Jacqueline, Lina and James.

We have the Winners! Congratulations all, We’ve emailed you. Jacqueline Taylor, Lina and James. Some amazing scores (38 on the films and 29 on the games) They were both tough quizzes.
I am going to post the answers on our website so there is no spoilers, please go wild with your guesses
Also feel free to donate if you like the quiz.
Games day tomorrow all!

Charity Game night Sunday

Virtual Charity game day tomorrow!

We’ve spent a week testing all sorts of platforms from playing games online and chatting. We posted our finding in our a couple of guides.

The technology we’ve chosen for now is Facebook and Discord.

We’ll be using a number of gaming services including Tabletopia and Jackbox.

If you want to be ready please,
find and follow us on facebook.
Install the free discord on your phone or PC.
Join our discord
Install Tabletopia via Steam, (both are free)
Jackbox only requires a browser and play one nearly any device.
Also do get your microphone and headset/ head phone out.
If you have a second device get that ready too.

We’d love your support and feedback and if this work we will try and do more mini game sessions over the next few months and maybe into the future, as well as passing on our knowledge. Also do be patient with us!

We will be playing all sorts of games as well as helping you organise games! Give it a go and worse case you will learn some new technology and a few mild swear words.

Currently we don’t have a platform to share the webcams of everyone (which is great I hate being on webcam) but we are investigating skype and zoom.

Finally do use our platforms and our knowledge to run your own meet ups and events.

Finally finally please can you test these links and let me know if they don’t work for you

Donate here:
Virtual games day:
Our discord:

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Free family game night, virtual or otherwise

How to run a free family game nights virtual or otherwise. This will work over the internet, in the same room or even if one person wants or needs to be in a different part of the house or a combination of all

Each player needs a device phone, laptops or PC.
A shared screen everyone can see, gather round a big TV or stream over a free service like Discord
(or both have some people at home and some online. )
Total cost Zero (hopefully)

1) Download / Open Steam (Free) and get Drawful 2 for free.  
(Other Jackbox games are available and they work across a huge range of platforms including Firestick and Switch)

2) Start Drawful, you will see a four digit room code. 

3) Share your screen, either everyone looks at the TV or you can use a free chat service like discord where you go live or Skype, zoom.

4) Everyone navigates to on a browser on their device and enters the four digit code.

5) Set ground rules, Is this family friend or are drawings of willies allowed and if any topics are too sensitive. 

No Ducks

6) Play and have fun.

Now you have a system set up investigate other Jackbox games or games you can run by sharing your screen or using a web camera. is also free, it’s a real time hangman style game, you don’t need a shared screen so it easier to play, you can still also combine it with a voice chat for added social

A more detailed guide is here

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Our first virtual game night was a blast

We had around 17 players join us and often had two rooms of Jackbox on the go. Very few technical issues that i noted and lots of laughs were had albeit with some dark humour… 🙂  Join us on Sunday for more.

Give us lots of feedback, we will run more online sessions but please remember our platforms are here for you to arrange your own game nights online or otherwise (eventually)

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Free stuff ish

During these interesting times, companies are stepping up and giving stuff away for free. I will update this post as I find more!

This facebook thread is slightly more upto date, I’ll copy stuff across as I can.

I will list what i can here.
Jackbox.TV Drawfull 2 Free

Half price apps (with half to charity) Galaxy Trucker and Roll through the ages. (both amazing games)

Free print and play games (some are always free, other lines have been made free including

Chamelion app by Big potato. Team social deducation game

Steam board game, free this weekend, Between two castles

Free roll and write game from Jamey Stegmaier

Asomodee digital apps some free some heavily reduced

Frostgrave rules for free

Greenmangames, Jackbox games on offer

Free games every so often (not covid related)

Quiz game free – Mr lister quiz shootout by Big Potato Games

Cards against humanity free edition

Free escape room style game

Chronicles of crime free edition (also one free adventure in the app

Board game geek master list of free stuff (some overlap)

CMON, free stuff

Free print and play stuff
More free print and play stuff

Charity Game night

Online Events, Test run at 7pm tonight and charity event on sunday

Join us at 7pm on discord and from 12 on sunday for a variety of online games. 7pm tonight Sunday